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About Us

Personalized Approach

Inspired by the majesty of the

Rocky Mountains of Colorado,

Scott Carlisle is a master of his craft.

Each consultation will take place one-on-one with Scott, so you

can convey your ideas directly to

the creator.

Each new relationship begins with a complimentary consultation to discuss design concepts. These discussions will include: material options, the design itself, the time frame for production and desired delivery dates, as well as a range of options to fit your budgetary goals.

            A Passion for Excellence  

Scott's Passion for Excellence stems

from over 40 years of fine woodworking experience, which began with an

Old World apprenticeship under a

Master Craftsman. During that time, Scott worked, without pay, for several years, in order to gain the skills which eventually allowed Scott to become

a Master Craftsman himself. 

Quality Beyond Guarantee

Passion and pride are what allow a Craftsman to generate a high level of craftsmanship. Because of the overwhelming passion Scott has for his craft, as well as the great pride and confidence he has in his craftmanship, Scott offers a 3-year warranty on his handcrafted furniture, to insure it will last as long as your unique dream.

Custom Pricing Process

Upon agreement of the design concept

and materials to be used, a 50 percent deposit is required to reserve shop-time

and to purchase materials. Photographic verification will be provided upon project completion. At that time, the remaining balance, plus the cost of shipping, is due.



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